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Unfortunately, the above model doesn't work out. So here's an updated diagramm that also shows the additional regulations and who will be allowed to alter these:

Some remarks:
- inauguration meeting = 1st General Assembly * founding members = 1st regular members
- Board, council, general assembly and community are bodys of the association, board election committee is, well, a committee with the single purpose to vote for board, nothing else.
- In order for the bylaws to be legally valid (and hold council-elections), the General Regulations Document must be in place so there basically is no real alternative to having the General Assembly to instate this.
- By german law, the initiating body of a regulations document must always remain sovereignty to change it.
- Board regulations only handles internal organisation, it does not affect other members. For the sake of boards seamless actionability, they should hold sovereignty over this doc.
- Bylaws always have priority over complementary documents.

The documents are almost ready (in german language):
General Regulations Document:
Board Regulations Document:
Arbitration Agreement:

Please review and help with the english translation at the bottom of each webpad.
Thank you.
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