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These are great btw

Universal external battery chargers, that work also with Jolla batteries.
Thanks again,
I recieved this charger today.
It wirks great, easy adjustable for different batterytypes (pins that connect to battery can be individually moved to fit battery, and the grip that holds battery slides to the right with a spring. It holk ds the battery quite firm in place, and the pins connecting to the battery arr also pulled inwards by the battery (like springs).
The LCD shows a charging battery, but (probably) not when battery is fully charged. But it serves to show that the battery is connected, and charging.
It also holds a USB port - didnt use that though.
The powerplug was US style, with an adapter plug that fits nicely on to supply eg EU type current.

Oh, and it worked wonderful, my Jolla is now updating once more from a factory restore in recovery mode!

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