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N9 Easy Boot is a package that enables you to boot Nemo/Sailfish/... OSes on your phone without re-partitioning using Ubiboot. You should have latest ubiboot installed already.

With this package, you can create a ext4 filesystem image of Nemo/Sailfish, put it into an existing N9 partition (e.g. /home/user/MyDocs/ partition), and boot into it from ubiboot boot menu.

It allows to boot these OSes without fiddling with your N9 partitions. And it is much easier to manage the space dedicated to these OSes. It is even possible to have several versions of the same OS simultaneously (currently, using a separate boot icon. e.g. using Ubuntu boot icon to boot another version of Sailfish)!

You can get it from:

Installation instructions are included. It should be farily straightforward.

Hope you find it useful!
Could you explain step by step because I've tried but I could not start again meego.....