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Please don't rush, not all at once and just one application form per person please!
ok, had some discussion with board and updated the application form on their behalf again.
Mandatory personal info that needs to be submitted now is:
- Salutation
- Full real name
- Country
- Accountname (
- IRC nick (registered @!)*
* Registered IRC nick is needed to verify valid voters. Board elections will be held there by raising voice, not via the maemo voting engine.

We hope this better suits your right to informal self-determination.
Either way, this is a relation based on trust. Be aware that providing false info may lead to immediate exclusion.

Sooo... join the club! So far, there's only 7,5 of us...

Please be aware that MC eV is not yet resposible for any official maemo matters, it is still waiting for handover of HiFo assets.

wiki pages:

Anything still unclear? - please ask.
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