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I experience increasing "keyboard removed/keyboard connected" frenzy moments too, though I don't get exactly yet if it's a hardware or software issue.

Speaking of software, can you confirm Kimmoli that the keyboard returning to QWERTY (or Scandic, not sure) layout after some time is a known bug? Every time my Jolla is sleeping for, let's say, a few hours, my keyboard is back to QWERTsomething layout, instead of AZERTY. I have to set it back to AZERTY again in the tohkbd application. Of note, AZERTY is still displayed in the application as the active layout, but it is not, and re-enabling it solves the issue.

I've had this issue since the first day, but thought it was already a known bug and a fix was coming, but now I'm starting to doubt it is so well known. It can be really annoying to go through the application everytime I want to use my keyboard for just a quick SMS answer or Internet browsing. Enough to make me use the touch keyboard sometimes, or the tohkbd in the wrong layout.

Apart from that, still happy with it, though I have trouble typing on it without looking at it. Muscle memory takes more time with this one than with the N900 I'd say. Very happy with the magnetic back too, I've made a handy car holder with just a couple of metal plates I bended. Ugly but very convenient.

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