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My first few experiences as a user:
  • The Display: Looks great, especially directly next to the Jolla Phone. Brightness settings are… barely affecting anything. Maximum Level is too dark and minimum level is too bright. The promised "Split Screen" feature would be pretty useful, since most of the time I get a feeling of driving around a Truck having loaded a pillow when looking at simple Applications.
  • The Speed: Launching Apps is a lot faster than on the Phone. But it always feels like it's fighting to fill all those pixels fluidly. Animations get sluggish, scrolling sometimes is a bit like on the n900, when everyone was just figuring out how this fluid/kinetic scrolling thing is supposed to work.
  • The System: I never noticed how badly SFOS is translated on my phone (German version). At times it reads like child-speak or dumbed-down dialect without genitive case where it belongs.
  • The Applications: Well, there aren't that many, but it's not as bad as it could have been. I miss Kodimote, but either some day I'll get someone to help me figure out how to compile it or there'll be a i486 release until then.
  • The Custom stuff: Patchmanager works, my favourite patches (thanks again to coderus, ancelad et al.) work. Awesome!
  • The Android: There's that. Lock screen media controls seem to work, which is awesome. (Tried amazon music only.) Scrolling in normal apps is a bit worse compared to native ones. Android Games work well if they use pixel doubling.
  • The Size: Feels a lot bigger than a Nexus7 (either generation). I don't know how people with small hands can hold it comfortably.

All in all, I am much more pleased than the previous lines would let you believe. It is a nice device.
So was a bit bored, saw this post and thought hey ho, want to quickly test kodimote i486 please?

obvious disclaimer of some sort that releases me from any responsibility :P

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