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Awesome! It's been too long since the last coding competition, I'll be sure to send a donation in a couple of days (ie. payday ).

Previous coding competitions were blessed by so many people coming together - we collected from the community a large amount of money for the bounty prizes, programming books, even lazer cut desk stands. We were also fortunate to be blessed by great support from Quim and Nokia with lots of hardware (N9s, N950s).and all expenses trips to the MeeGo conference in Dublin. Gosh those were great times when the future seemed so bright...

i guess times are much tougher now of course, but I know you'll still get magnificent support from the guys here. And although prizes are really appreciated, a lot of devs in previous competitions also enjoyed other benefits like their applications being show cased, finding new users and also new developers who wanted to team.up and help.out with their open source projects. Although its a competition, it's always been very friendly and supportive and devs of all experience (Inc beginners) came forward to take part. We all in the community benefitted with some new devs and lots of very cool new apps! So everyone wins right

Thank you eekkelund, Chemist, the council and the other organizers for all your efforts to bring the competition back and into the future with the Developer Regatta! There's hard work ahead but I know the Regatta will be awesome and I can't wait to see what comes out of it
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