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is it a very bad idea to try an OTA to from the link above using the method from the link below?
As I had a spare multirom test image, I tried something. Basically I just flashed the zip file over an existing installation. It works, BUT it will reset your device. All your data will be gone!


So you need a backup of your data. That brings us to another problem with 2.0.4.X. With the new version, the backup routine has fundamentally changed! The software is looking for an sdcard, and as we don't have an sdcard slot on the Nexus5, you cannot use the 'backup/restore' routine in the 'settings' app, unless you work with a CloudService-Account.

I use a different way. I use 'rsync' and backup the whole '/home/nemo' folder to my computer over wifi. That works well for almost everything but 'contacts/calendar'.

I am not a frequent 'rsync'-user, so there might be a slightly better command.

rsync -avz /home/nemo YOURNAME@YOURCOMPUTER:/home/YOURNAME/Nexus5-backup
rsync -avz /home/YOURNAME/Nexus5-backup/nemo nemo@YOURPHONE:/home/nemo
For 'contacts/calendar' I found a way in the SailfishOS cheat sheet ( ). You can export the 'contacts/calendar' to a file...

devel-su pkcon install nemo-qml-plugin-contacts-qt5-tools
devel-su -p vcardconverter --export contacts.vcf
pkcon install nemo-qml-plugin-calendar-qt5-tools
devel-su -p icalconverter export calendar.ics
You can then import the data by opening the files with the jolla-file-browser.

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