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for you v3 users, does multitouch work for you?
You need to upgrade to I ported touchscreen vendor's driver from a different tablet which supports multitouch. Please do backup in case something goes wrong, then follow the instructions below:

ssu re
ssu dr adaptation0            
ssu dr adaptation1
ssu ar adaptation-onda
ssu ur

version --dup

ssu dr adaptation0
ssu dr adaptation1
# Check if you still have adaptation-onda, if not - readd
ssu lr

# Remove old modules and reinstall device-specific packages:
rm /lib/modules/3.10.20/*.ko

zypper install -f droid-bin-tbj-onda-v820w-v3 droid-config-tbj-onda-v820w-v3 droid-config-tbj-onda-v820w-v3-flashing droid-config-tbj-onda-v820w-v3-kickstart-configuration droid-config-tbj-onda-v820w-v3-patterns droid-config-tbj-onda-v820w-v3-policy-settings droid-config-tbj-onda-v820w-v3-preinit-plugin droid-config-tbj-onda-v820w-v3-pulseaudio-settings droid-config-tbj-onda-v820w-v3-sailfish droid-config-tbj-onda-v820w-v3-ssu-kickstarts droid-hal-tbj-onda-v820w-v3 droid-hal-tbj-onda-v820w-v3-detritus droid-hal-tbj-onda-v820w-v3-kernel  droid-hal-tbj-onda-v820w-v3-kernel-modules droid-hal-tbj-onda-v820w-v3-tools

depmod -a

# Check if you have graphics group and nemo is a member of it
cat /etc/group | grep graphics

# Should output "graphics:x:1003:nemo". If it's wrong for some reason, reinstall droid-hal-tbj-onda-v820w-v3 again
Originally Posted by tmi View Post
If a person was planning to get a v820w Onda tablet would there be a way to make sure it actually is V3 (based on the assumption that V3 is the most compatible version regarding Sailfish... or Linux installations in general)? I suppose looking for Win8 + Android 4 instead of Win10 + Android 5 is a start but anything else?
You could try to ask the seller for device serial number located at the back side. For example, see this photo. It's P820DBF4V3...

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