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Posting this on behalf of Dakon.


I've tried posting this to the forum, but the post doesn't show up there.
Well, forums are so 90ies, so another try here.

Application submission: OSM2go updates
Project Name: OSM2go
Author: Dakon aka. DerDakon (Rolf Eike Beer)
Category: Fixing/Updating

Brief description: OSM2go has been improved lately. It now uses C++ for many
things, which results in reduced memory usage (std::vector and friends instead
of handcoded single-linked lists). It gained some new features (e.g. nested
presets, so a newer set of JOSM presets can be used), a couple of memory leaks
were fixed. Based on the C++ port a Qt5 based GUI will eventually come,
hopefully bringing OSM2go to Jolla.

Features/work to be judged:
- speed and memory improvements (e.g.
- new presets features (list of presets used in the currently selected object
[presets -> "Used presets"], multi-level presets hierarchy)
- usability improvements (e.g. place node at current GPS position, "Update
all" to update all project OSM files)
- the good karma that someone still updates programs for the N900
Package name and where to find the app/repository: osm2go (the version in the
store is outdated)

Screenshots here:



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