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You don't notice any difference in usage when the device uses suspend mode. Every phone normally enters suspend mode. the Nexus5 ports kernel don't has the bluetooth sleep feature, because it caused trouble on some devices. But me and some others haven't noticed any side effects when it is enabled in the kernel, apart that there seems to be another bug that bt doesn't enter suspend mode automatically. So either you do this manually or use minimecs script, or stop the bluetooth service completely if you don't need it. To check if your device is affected by the problem just check suspend time with 'mcetool --get-suspend-stats'.


My kernel have some features like more cpu and hotplug governors, undervolting, under/overclocking of GPU and CPU and some more things that are common in many custom kernels for android.



- Undervolting
- blu_active governor
- blu_plug hotplug governor
- simple GPU governor
- USB fastcharge v1


blu_plug kernel

- added slim cpu governor
- added nightmare cpu governor
- added zzmoove governor
- added pegasusq governor
- added lionheart governor

kernel without blu_plug

- same as above, but without blu_plug hotplug governor


- ConservativeX cpu governor
- bioshock cpu governor

kernel without blu_plug

- same as above, but without blu_plug hotplug governor


Maybe i accidently skipped a number or it was so experimental, that it never got released ;)


- Mako cpu hotplug governor
- Alucard cpu hotplug governor
- MSM Sleeper cpu hotplug governor
- Zen Decision cpu hotplug governor
- Blu_plug cpu hotplug governor can be enabled/disabled via sysfs now,
  so only one kernel build this time.
- MDSS color control
- faux wcd93xx sound control
- ARM Neon support and Neon support for some crypto algorithms


- backlight dimmer option
- Westwood+ TCP congestion control 
- USB fastcharge v2
- double tap 2 wake
- Optimized build flags


- CPU overclocking up to 2.9Ghz
- CPU underclocking down to 96Mhz
- Undervolt limit of 650mA lowered to 500mA
- GPU overclocked to 650Mhz
- Kernel and Ramdisk are now LZ4 compressed(should give a slightly better boot time)
- LZ4 cryptographic api added


- Reverted fast charge back to first version due to slow charging
- Added msm_mpdecision aka "bricked hotplug" cpu hotplug governor


- Updated wifi drivers
- Added partialresume API
- Added Powersuspend
There is also a version of v9 which has bt sleep mode enabled in kernel and could be used with minimecs bt script.

Kernels are flashed in recovery like the sensorsfix. Sadly i never wrote a complete guide on how to set up all different features in sysfs, so you have to search through this thread.

EDIT: Added the relevant posts to the changelog, so no need for searching anymore.

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