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So, i thought it would be a better idea to start a new thread instead of spamming the 12.1 thread with messages about cm13.

First of all, i want to thank all the people at #sailfishos-porters who helped me countless times, when i was stuck. Thank you guys!


Installation is the same as on cm12.1:

Normal install

Multirom install

You need to use this multirom recovery or you won't be able to flash after installation.

11/22/2017 released SFOS image
10/07/2017 added OTA instructions
10/07/2017 released SFOS image 

09/19/2017 released SFOS image build 02
- fixed GPS issue

09/14/2017 released SFOS image

09/13/2017 released SFOS image

05/16/2017 Released SFOS image 0.3:
- fixed bluetooth sleep issue.

05/11/2017 Released SFOS image 0.2: 
- home and adaptation0 repo issues fixed, store works without user intervention.
Needed files:

Multirom recovery:

CyanogenMod 13 patched:

SFOS- image:

SFOS- image:
Please use the image above. is needed to get the compass working.

Things that don't work:

- Video recording
- BT calls have bad quality

I hope these things get fixed in the future.

Wifi tethering
See this post

OTA - Over the Air update

Best way to update SailfishOS is by using an ssh connection to the phone.
Disable all patches and Openrepos repositories before updating.

Before updating use
ssu lr
to check if "adaptation community"(not to be confused with "adaptation-community-common"!) repo is available. If it is please disable it by using
ssu dr adaptation-community

Add the new adaptation-community-hammerhead repository:
ssu ar adaptation-community-hammerhead
Set desired release version, for example
ssu release
Refresh the package cache:
pkcon refresh
Upgrade SailfishOS:
version --dup
Reboot the phone and enjoy the new release.

Known issues:

Mobile settings don't survive a reboot

Following command in terminal should fix this problem.
devel-su chown radio:radio /var/lib/ofono
UI freeze

This bug still occurs sometimes, mostly after ending a phone call. Most of the time a three finger touch get's the UI working again, but sometimes more fingers are needed. Once i had to do a eight finger touch to unfreeze the UI

Time can not be set manually in Settings

Fixed by reinstalling timed-qt5
devel-su zypper in --force timed-qt5
Hopefuly fixed issues:

GPS not working in 2.1.1.x build
Fixed in image

Install the following rpm to get GPS working again.

MTP not working

Fixed in image, do not flash this kernel on this image!
Flash this kernel with recovery and mtp should work.

Device suspend not working
Fixed in image

Seems lile i forgot to enable the script service. Plaese run
devel-su systemctl enable bt-sleep-monitor.timer
devel-su systemctl start bt-sleep-monitor.timer
in terminal.

Store not working
Fixed in image
Enter the following in terminal:
ssu dr home
ssu dr adaptation0
zypper refresh
Thanks mosen!

Enough for now, happy testing.

Sources are available at GitHub.

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