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We where asking Chen about N950 revival
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Yeah Chen's already said he wants to try to make something Lauta-ish. And if that happens I imagine a lot of us (myself included) will throw quite a lot of money at a kickstarter for it!
Yes revive N950/Lauta is my plan this year.

The cost of making a decent keyboard phone is so high and I'm doing it step by step:

- Sliding part is the most difficult and expensive part of the hardware. A good moulding costs very very high. But I can re-use the Moto Mods sliding part and make minor modification to the toolings I can greatly reduce the cost.

- Hopefully with this tablet's collaboration with Jolla I will have a better understanding regarding time and cost for OS adaptation.

- The next most difficult bit is Qualcomm SoC solution, they are soooo expensive. I'm looking for a more cost-effective solution to that at the moment. I'm not targeting at MSM8997 or those flagship chipsets - they add unnecessary cost to the customer and it's a waste of CPU power. I'm looking more towards mid-tier like 625/626 which gives a better balance between power consumption and performance. But even though it's still very expensive to get a decent solution.

Once the Keyboard Mod starts shipping and the tablet starts manufacturing I will look more into the cost, it's still very challenge but I'm confident. My aim is to have a 64GB+4GB Qualcomm 625 solution QWERTY slider with a removable battery, we will see how it goes in a few weeks.

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