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Does anyone have a Sony Xperia X who has yet to unlock the bootloader?

Apparently if you OTA update to version 34.3 it *should* remove the need for Emma/Flashtool when installing Sailfish X.

But once the bootloader is unlocked you stop getting OTA, so none of us have managed to test it yet...

So the procedure is to OTA update all the way, then unlock the bootloader and install Sailfish X

Anyone willing to try this out for us?
I already have my Xperia in version 34.3. There's and option in the phone menus to unlock the bootloader (as you can see in one of the Jolla Videos released a few days ago).

I hope you're right with your guess:

1.- OTA up to 34.3
2.- Unlock bootloaders
3.- Flash Sailfish X


EDIT: Sorry, I didn't read the last messages.

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