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Originally Posted by Zeta View Post
Also, I found another Youyota project on Indiegogo that I don't remember :
The project is closed without any backing. Not sure if it was opened at some time though. Expected delivery of this one was November 2017, so could have been opened around the same time as the tablet.
Yes I am also aware and I was speachless.

If I were involved with Youyota I would try to stop this from happening, they even mis-spelled Ubuntu to Ubantu.

Before the launch of the Youyota campaign I was hoping that I could help Youyota on the communication, and make this project manageable like the Livermorium project myself with Moto. I tried this way when it was started.

I left after the IGG campaign because I could not control them on the progress because I did not control the funds. Unlike Livermorium, I give money and order to the factory doing ABC and I have right to control it. But with Youyota I have no legal ability to follow the progress and there is no way for me to supervise them as I don't control a penny of it.

Hence I spilt from them, and can only follow / check as much as I can, and trust them doing what they promised, but they can also choose to ignore me.

The second campaign by them seem to me that they are over-excited with crowdfunding.

Originally Posted by tortoisedoc View Post
@chenliangchen, would you be able to share more info on the amount of costs of parts? Or where to look them up?
I didn't know the exact number either, but I calculate this way: If the cost is $150 each device, then it's $450K for 3K units. Even if it's just $100 per unit, (which is not likely) that's at least $300K. That's still around $150K needed.

I also contributed on behalf of Livermorium. So we are on the same boat.

Originally Posted by john_god View Post
@chenliangchen I'm developing a rpg game where there's a mobile factory in a burning plataform in the midle of the ocean. A small boat tries to save the phones from drowning in the ocean with all the explosions in the factory (I'm not joking, I already have some game levels fully working). I was thinking about adding a level where 2 heros from the resistance, Chen and Mike, try to push for new tablet devices, to help ease the sadden people by the lack of good comunication devices. I hope it's ok with you, I will not be using real names. The only problem I have now it's that the Youyota tablet delivery seems to be failling, not sure if I shoould axe that level.
Very interesting... Can you make Chen was shot dead in the middle of their journey...

Originally Posted by tortoisedoc View Post
But theres also the third way; that the success of the campaign on IGG was not as big as expected; and therefore the funding would not have been enough. Tho I think this is still possible; it's VERY gray/shady territory, which gives lead to alot of different possible scenarios, including scamming ones.
From my understanding it's not enough funding to support production + they don't know what to say.

I have also contributed to the production as I said, much much more than any of the backers. I am not less frustrated than any of you, I also doing my way fight for my bits back. Livermorium is still very small, but we are not as what we were last year.

So cheer up, the battle hasn't ended and we haven't lost it yet. There were lots of fights from the behind. And regardless of various actions, I don't think there will be a financial lost in the end. I am doing my way to make it a positive end for the community. And (unlike Youyota) I do keep promises.

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