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Originally Posted by HowHH View Post
I tried installing CUPS, after following Qole's instructions for freeing up space, but unfortunately still ran out of room when attempting to install cups.
If you insist on installing something as enormous as CUPS (which installs Samba and Avahi etc), or you have installed tons of apps, you can use another trick to get more install space. The Maemo application manager actually uses this trick too.

Start the chroot, and then, from a non-root, non Debian prompt, type the following:
mkdir -p /media/mmc1/apt-archives/partial
sudo mount -o bind /media/mmc1/apt-archives /debian/var/cache/apt/archives
This will make a cache directory on your MMC card (you can change mmc1 to mmc2 if you want) and then tells Debian to use that to store all of the downloaded packages.

I have tested this trick, and I was able to install CUPS on my stock image file (with 81MB left over). Remember, you need to redo this trick if you reboot the tablet or close the chroot.

Originally Posted by HowHH View Post
I ended up having to uninstall Easy Debian and then reformatting the partition on which the image was located, as deleting the image did not free up space in the partition and the image installer stopped working. There may have been a more elegant solution, but there's a lot I don't know.
Needing to reformat the partition is a bit shocking. I have no idea what went wrong there!

I think the "image installer stopped working" part is my fault; I used to have lots of files stored in the image installer directory, so I deleted it after a successful install. Now it's tiny, so I should disable the post-install deletion.
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