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Originally Posted by tolou View Post
I get a "LXDE is not responding. Close application?" pop-up now and then...
Others for this? Remediation welcome.
See the FAQ on the first post:

Q: I get an error box: "LXDE is not responding, Cancel / Ignore"! What do I do?

This is an annoying but harmless error which usually happens when you switch to LXDE from OS2008. Just select "Cancel". When you switch to LXDE, wait a second for this error to come up; if you don't, you might accidentally select "OK" and close the whole thing!

I would love to get rid of this, too, but it seems to be a side effect of using Bundyo's nifty little window opener. Now that Easy Debian is in Extras, and I can use dependencies, I might go back to my Python window opener.
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