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Hi all.

This might come a bit too late, but i can tell you how to pronunce "maemo". I came up with the name, so...

The origin is as stated: pwgen (a password generator utility which you can set to give you all character passwords) gave me an option, "maimo". I used 5 characters names for my machines, so i also restricted it to that. But I did not like the "i" so I changed it for an "e".

Maemo was the name of my desktop, and little by little it gathered importance in the project, as i made it the canonical repository for everybody involved. And became THE server. And the project. And the SDK. And the OS.

So now that the origin is clear, and me being Spanish and Finnish being pronounced almost exactly as Spanish...


mah as the beginning of my
eh as the "e" in "pet"
mo as in Monica, but only pronouncing the M and the O.

Hope you like it.

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