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... in the long run, it's moves like these that earn Nokia trust ...
You really think Nokia is "showing their cards" here? I don't. I think there's a missing piece of the jigsaw which hasn't dawned on us yet.

I can't image what it is, but I think it will be big. Bigger than "GTK vs. QT"; that's so 5-years-ago. Nokia didn't buy TrollTech and the rest of Symbian just for the fun of it. Big money changed hands and Nokia must have some kind of big-picture plan.

Maybe Symbian and Maemo are being somehow combined. Maybe there's some innovative migration path to bring the Symbian masses to Maemo. And why is Nokia funding a community debmaster? There's gotta be more of a reason behind it than just being nice to us. It's gotta somehow relate to the future product directions.

I hope when the software and hardware bombshell drops it's something awesome rather than something pathetic. It's really hard to call at this point.


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