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We have started announcing changes on Harmattan even before releasing Fremantle final precisely to have enough time to discuss and make the right steps. Nobody is asking current Maemo application developers to switch to Qt, they better concentrate on Fremantle in the way that pleases them better.

Also nobody is asking these app developers to go and maintain the toolkit in Harmattan. The announcement was done in front of an audience of platform developers including plenty of GNOME contributors and the GTK+ and Hildon developers.

Technically there shouldn't be many problems having the Fremantle Hildon/GTK+ libraries coexisting with the Harmattan application framework based on Qt, thanks to keeping the same middleware. Getting these Fremantle Hildon apps 'as is' in Harmattan shouldn't be a big deal.

The Harmattan API and UI will bring more things and having GTK+ apps taking all the new thing is surely a more complicated task. But this is one of the things the community and the developers interested can decide: prioritize the alignment with GNOME or with Maemo, or find ways to satisfy both.

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