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Right, since I managed to dig up a rootfs from the S101, some interesting details:

* Mix of Maemo SDK packages and some OpenMoko stuff (phone, gsmd)
* Self-made status bar applets and desktop applets
* Own browserui implementation, own MCE implementation etc..
* Fremantle DSME
* Modest, of all things..
* Xomap, but not sure why.

But honestly, I would recommend Nokia to take a close look at whatever these devices ship with, because there's some rather dubious installs in what I have.. but it may not be what the device is shipped with. At least I'm not finding software made by qwerty12 in this one

I would actually call this a Maemo variant It has Maemo APIs, most of it is Maemo SDK packages. It's just not Maemo, from Nokia.

Either way, this company seems to be know their stuff about Maemo and Hildon - I wonder if they would be interested in Mer
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