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hi jaffa, i want to ask about video calling, i made a thread in N900 section, but since you are here ( and you are the one who answer most of the wiki page on N900) i just ask again here.
I did see it there, sorry for not anwering it.

Is N900 is capable of making cellular and web cam video calling?
Video calls over IP using Google Talk definitely worked between an N8x0 and an N900 - I tested this. I haven't seen if you can make a 3G UMTS video call. Although on any of my 3G phones to date, I think I've only used video calls once; however with my N810 I use it whenever I'm away from home to say g'night to the kids (& wife ;-))

Whether Skype will finally support video or not, I've no idea.

if yes and can be used out of the box, why is it not mentioned is specs?
That's a question for Nokia's marketing dept ;-)
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