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There's been requests to open up the UI documentation used internally in Nokia by the whole Fremantle, so that all the details can be really known with certainty.

And today, that request can be marked as "Fixed in Fremantle"

Hildon 2.2 UI Style Guide

Hildon 2.2 Widget UI Specification

Fremantle Master Layout Guide

Also, there is already good documentation available on regarding UI Design of Maemo 5. In particular there's the
Maemo 5 Human Interface Guidelines.

The documentation in has always been public already in previous releases like Maemo 4.x (Diablo) etc. The Maemo 5 versions of that documentation are just an evolution of the Maemo 4.x documentation. In a way, you could think of that as "community documentation" or "SDK documentation".

Those of you who are already familiar with the Maemo 5 Human Interface Guidelines will notice there's overlap in the documentation between and That's quite expected as the each document has its own "roots".

There's ongoing work to make sure that there's no conflicts between the documentation and the Just remember that the is really a document archive in terms of Maemo 5 documentation. All the "live" updating work and collaboration continues to focus on and other sites.


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