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A few days ago I posed the question about whether or not there was a site for n900 wallpapers, and then immediately followed it up with the exclamation that since there wasn't, I was going to do it (but not before debating whether or not it was needed ).

I spent the weekend putting together something basic but functional, and I feel happy at this point to invite you to come and have a look. I was going to add tags and things, but I figure I can do that properly later down the line when it's needed.

So.. My contribution to the community.... I give you - hopefully soon to be home to the best n900 wallpapers around

In the next few weeks I'm going to be converting as many high quality creative commons and public domain wallpapers as I can get my hands on. If you know anybody who makes wallpapers and/or themes, it'd be awesome if you could point them in this direction too - the more options for customization we have, the better!

Anyway. I hope you all find this useful, and maybe in a few months it'll be quite a great resouce

Thanks everyone!

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