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Do I detect a useful contribution the non-technical among us could make?
Yes, you detect correctly.

Can we have a 'how do I get involved with testing? (and what to do if it crashes)' page in short words for bears of very little brain? Or is there one in the wiki and I haven't found it?
You probably can, but it is rather simple:

1. On your N900 device, go into App Manager, top menu, "Repositories", and add the following repository:

Name: Maemo Extras Testing
Distribution: fremantle
Sections: free non-free
Enabled: YES

2. Do "Update", then "Download" and you will see way more packages than if you just use Extras. Install some you like.

3. Run installed packages. If package runs well, vote it up. If it crashes, vote it down and leave a comment. Voting and commenting happens here:

Note: Each new version of the package has to be voted up separately!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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