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Since December 2009, the current and future URL of maeMaps is
No need to follow the full thread, maeMaps now includes a simple helptext when you open the above URL. It has much more functionality and better design than in the below original post.

maeMaps ["myMaps"] is a simple Google Maps / Geosearch webpage optimized for fullscreen touch usage on a 800x480 screen. It's primary purpose is to quickly find a location and be able to zoom/pan around it on the N900, without having to activate cursor mode.

It is a self contained webpage that you can get from my server. Simply open it (caution, old version!) in the Maemo Webbrowser, start typing and hit ENTER to launch the search. The text entry field will be autoselected after each action, so you can always just type another search and press ENTER to get there.

For more independence, you can download it to your device and store it locally in MyDocs, then launch it through the File Manager and bookmark it from inside the Browser (Sometime in the future, I might package it for installation through the App manager). It also works on OS2008, as the location bar only covers the bottom line of the page.

It uses the Google Maps API v3, so no need for an API key.

Glad for feedback, as this is an untested initial release.
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