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Bible App for Maemo 5 - Updated as of 01/02/10

Some updates also posted via Twitter with the hashtags #katanabible and/or #maemo/#maemo5; but this is where the main updates will be for this initiative

The (near-originally posted) Idea
- create a bible application for Maemo 5 devices that will provide the best reading experience, but keeps open the possibility for greater functionality through the use of a plug-in like architecture.
- leverage any lessons learned from Rapier; fix/port Rapier to Maemo 5 and allow it to be placed in a state of easy maintenance without the need of feature updates by its lead developer.

Development (posed as questions)
Develop using what:
- Qt

Who is the development team
- Nathanael Anderson
- Chris Martin
- David Falkayn
- Josh Nisly (He is the one who has actually done all the work on the first alpha)

Where does the project sit:

Who has device(s) to test:
- andrewfblack
- flux41
- joshn53
- revkathy
- twoboxen
- arjwright

For those not listed, please make sure to download and add your comments and thumbs up/down to the respective Extras-Testing sites (listed below).

What does the testing schedule look like (Katana):
- (proposed) 2 alphas (closed feedback), 2 betas (open feedback)

Testing Scripts
- Development Test: Rapier
- Development Test: Katana
- User Test: Rapier on Maemo 5
- User Test: Katana (will follow the same format to the Rapier test above)

Extras-Testing Area-
- Katana

-How far does plugin-based system extend functionality:
- Nathanael : So far none -- but the idea is that it would be able to exend most items. Qt has a built in plugin system; we will extend it to allow adding of modules, menu items and controls.

Features (now)
- Sword format
- Bible+ .pdb bibles (Nathanael)
- gesture-based navigation
- search
- compare verses
- bookmarks

Features (later)
- integrated notes (plugin)
- reading of paid modules (plugin)
- maps (plugin)
- social networking (plugin)
- whatever else you folks think of

Project Goals:
- Rapier: ported to Maemo 5, testing is underway (download and comment)
- Katana: (need updated info)

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