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I think the event might be useful for Valerio and Graham not only because they are council members but also because they are developers not too far from Barcelona (compared to the rest of the council, based in America).

Hi Gil! A localization workshop run by Softcatala in Barcelona would be just great to put together all the pieces needed by Catalan and other unsupported languages willing get in the Maemo 5 scope! Let me check today with the Maemo L10n team what is the situation, specially in providing the strings for the pre-installed system and applications.

I also want to ping the GNOME Hispano guys and the people behing Guademy since we (more or less) know all each other and the Long Weekend might be a good chance to organize something. I will blog today to Planet GNOME & Ubuntu. KDE Spain is also in the radar, so perhaps we end up having a cool long weekend in Barcelona (metropolitan area, to be precise)!