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I have just committed the remaining puzzle piece of N900 bootmenu (thanks to fanoush for developing this fantastic software - has come in so handy so often for myself)

If the output of "dpkg -s getbootstate" shows Version: 1.0.35+0m5 on your N900, you will be able to multiboot.

WARNING: This is only for the very daring and you should have a FIASCO image ready for reflashing and have your data backed up before even considering to try this out.

fanoush: should we consider pushing this into Fremantle Extras-devel after a bit of polishing?

The package can be found at and you need to dpkg -i it as root. You need rootsh installed.

For those who try it out - have fun multibooting your N900!

Some advices for those booting non-Maemo systems: Get a watchdog kicker very early in the process - this isn't handled magically for you by DSME like on 770, N8x0. It is a standard Linux watchdog interface. There's R&D flags to disable watchdogs.

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Well, from in-November, I'll help Mer.
It's November now. Are you ready?
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