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If you wan't to know how to get hold of the removed emulators follow this link.

All the removed emulators are now available again in the repo's

I'm making this thread as a reference point for people to come when looking for emulators for the n900.

Playstation 1 - PCSX-m -
Game boy colour - Vgb -
Game boy advance - Vgba - -
Nintendo Entertainment System - iNES - -
Windows - DOSBox -
Sega 8 bit consoles - Mastergear -
MSX home computer emulator - FMSX V3.5.7-1 -
ColecoVision emulator - ColEm V2.5.5-1 -
Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator - Speccy V1.6.9-2 -

Not Officially Available At The Moment - Being made
Nintendo 64 - Not yet user friendly, needs GUI
SNES - DrNokSnes - still in testing -
ScummVM - Needs porting from n8xx to n900 -
GemRB - Needs porting from n8xx to n900 -
Frodo C64 - Needs porting from n7xx to n900 -

Possible in the future
Neogeo - gngeo - doesn't work but someone could fix it
Xmame - Dead file needs fixing
Hatari - Atari ST(e)/TT/Falcon emu - Needs porting -
Dreamcast - Needs new emu, don't thinks theres one for the n8xx
Nintendo DS - unlikely but not impossible.
Playstation 2 - Apparently one in the making

Never will be available

PSP - Haven't you woken up?
Xbox - Head in the clouds!
PS3 - Yup defo coming to n900

Other Game Related Apps
WiiControl - Use your wiimote to play these games!
Classic gaming wallpapers - Currently removed

Remember to rate the thread!
And let me know if any information is outdated or incorrect

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