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I think this all is comprehensible.. After all, this is a experimental phone, but some people found it to be so awesome, and created a so big hype, that normal people are buying it thinking it's a final/consumer version and demanding it to be far superior then competition.

That's the effect of misinformation: hell on our Maemo forums :P
This is, of course, exactly what happened. A lot of the media attention too has misunderstood or misreported what this device is all about. (And I'm sure plenty of overly eager Nokia salespeople and PR guys to blame too.)

Do not buy the N900 expecting a ready-made smartphone experience! Please don't, you'll just be disappointed.

If on the other hand you want a mobile computer with good browsing experience, great multi-tasking operating system and open source potential - as well as a device that can do most of your phone needs too, then the N900 might be for you.

The N900 is certainly near perfect for me. All I miss is a bit more content of course, rSAP would be nice, MMS I might need occasionally. And please, fix that playlist management for those who need it. Otherwise, this is the best device with phone I've owned. The screen is absolutely brilliant and stylus-navigation kicks my iPod touch's butt. Like I said earlier, I even moved my iTunes library to the N900 and just love browsing those albums covers on this great screen (so many of them fit at a time) - before I used an iPod separately from my phones.

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