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I wish to advise that Nokia N900 charger usb connector hard-plastic has enough leverage to tear usb port off board...
Now you tell me.

Waiting for RMA from vendor...after 2nd charge, USB receptacle came out along with the plug. Not only that but the metal surround for the port came apart at the seam (its only crimped closed, not welded). Aside from the weak soldering points and thin dab of "epoxy?", there is no part of the case, nor phone internals that help to keep USB port in place (wound up taking it apart to see if I could re-solder). There is a chipset/housing which sits above the port about 2mm...if/when I get the replacement, I may put a drop or two of silicon or rubber cement to brace the top of the metal surround, against the chipset/housing above it, just to give it some bracing.

I think it may be the spring loaded clips at the bottom of the power plug that made such a tight fit. I may start using the charger from my Motorola Q as it doesn't have the clips, but the power supply is rated about 350mA lower than the Nokia.

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