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Finding Things and Getting Started
You don't need to get to /packages to do testing. If you go to the Extras-testing wiki page, it links directly to the queue of packages in extras-testing, and in chronological order, to boot (the ones at the top have been waiting the longest). The link directly there is also given in the first post. To reiterate an earlier post, you can add the testing repository like this.

Which to Test
When picking an app to test, note that those that already have 10 or more karma are "done". Don't waste your time on those. Ditto if the package is < -5 karma: such an app obviously needs to be fixed and re-released. Make sure you are testing the right version of the app: there may be an earlier version already in extras. In fact, there may even be a third version in extras-devel, but that won't show up unless you enable that repository. To check, see what version application manager is showing to be installed and make sure it matches the version in the extras-testing list..

In the case you have the extras version installed, the newest version should show up as an available upgrade if you have the extras-testing repository enabled. You should uninstall the extras version first (rather than upgrading directly) so you can properly check for optification.

Testing for Optification
"Optification" means moving anything of significant size out of the root partition and into the 2 GB /opt partition so that the very cramped 256 MB rootfs doesn't fill up (which can really ruin your day). You see disk usage by using the disk free command (df).
Originally Posted by YoDude View Post
Mine reports:
rootfs use 76%
mmcblk0p2 use 6%

Is this normal?
Yes, that's normal. What you want to do is run
df -h | grep -e rootfs -e mmcblk0p2
before and after you install and see how much the usage of each changes. If more than, say, 300 kb (0.3 MB) are added to usage of rootfs, it's too much and the package needs to be optified (so vote it down with that comment). BTW, the above command just filters out the unnecessary lines; you can just type
df -h
if you want. The '-h' gives you the numbers in "human-readable" numbers like MB instead of bytes/blocks/kb.

One of the other tests is that the package uninstalls cleanly. A (partial) way to check this is to uninstall it and see if the df returns to what it was before you installed.

Please don't let the server speed stop you from testing. Just start it doing something and do something else for a while. Your browser has tabs? In my experience, comments always go through but don't always show up right away, so just assume they work.

Anyone who already has uqm installed could start out with an easy test subject: uqm-3do-data. It's not an actual program so there's a bit less to test. Check that i optified it right and that it installs and uninstalls cleanly and actually adds the 3DO audio to your uqm experience and that's most of it.

Unofficial PR1.3/Meego 1.1 FAQ

Classic example of arbitrary Nokia decision making. Couldn't just fallback to the no brainer of tagging with lat/lon if network isn't accessible, could you Nokia?
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