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first off niceley written... I agree on some and disaggree on others... Here goes: (If I just agree I won't list it or this post will be really long)

1. MENU/MULTITASK/DESKTOP view confusion - I really like it like it is and I think it is easy to get to wraps with.

2. Portrait Mode. - Yes but please make it optional... I really hate it when handling my phone and I'm just about to press a button when the whole phone shifts and all buttons re-arrange.

3. Ovi Maps - Currently sux donkey b***

4. Make it easier to get into call mode. - eh!? you have 7 ways of going there... I think it's quite easy to just press the Phone icon on desktop. If you're gonna take a button fingers off the power button... I use the double tap to lock all the time... rather take the camera button... its just sitting there unused when not using camera

5.Rotate to launch call mode” needs to be a lot faster - I don't use it... too flimsy.

6. When in “call mode... - I totally agree and smart dialing with phone dialer so you can start dialing or spell out a name (the letters are there but don't do much

7. Long press to get secondary symbols - YES! I would rather have preferred this way instead of Nokia "stealing" my up and down arrow making alot of problems when playing games and/or surfing the web, using maps...

10. Scroll bar - YES have 3000+ music numbers and really annoing to sit there flicking forever... (I like the scroolbars with 0-9 and a-z)

15. In video viewer, when sorting out by “Camera/Films” - Yes and more options to sort by please... like camera, video clips, movies, prawn (perhaps ability to hide) etc. posibility to make own "titles" and a scrollbar.

21 Quick add-playlist button - Yeah and to quickly select several files.

27. Menu icons to rotate about it’s own axis when in portrait - That would be what I would prefere. Maybe make it an option so you could get it the way you want... (see #2)

31. Say caller’s name - Yes or atleast let us have different Ringtone for different persons in phonebook (even for different numbers in one contact so say my GF is calling from home vs Mobile)... and then you could also make your own mp3's saying the contacts name.

35. MMS - Yes for the love of god! everyone I know have older phones... so no flickr, facebook etc. from phone... I used to send alot of MMS (like instant mini postcards) we even have a fixed title thing going... "My view right now..." I really miss this feature and I sometimes sneak my old w910 along when I'm going somewhere special just so I can send an MMS.

36. Better e-mail client... heck even my iPod touch lets me see the folders I have made in my Yahoo mail. (I know I have option to make folders on the n900 but I can't see my folders on the yahoo server
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