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Heh i got it on the first try doing it just now all you need is READ carefully the whole threat. THANKS a lot B-man. If you guys are having trouble I'll help contribute guidance for DUMMIES LOL.


Go to More then App.Manager and then press above where it says Apllication Manager and then Application Catalogs then NEW


After you press New a new window will pop up which is New Catalog. Follow the text like this:

Catalog name: Maemo Extra-devel
Web address:
Distribution: fremantle
Components: free

Once you're done press SAVE


We're not done yet now you will press NEW again and put a another rep by B-Man and thanks to him we're able to play these games So once you press New you will input the following:

Catalog name: Maemo Nintendo Emulators
Web address:
Distribution: (LEAVE THIS PART BLANK!)
Components: main

Now Save it!

Step #4

Go back to the main App.Manager window by pressing the blur spot. Then go download. At this time you will see an update so give it a sec. Now you will see a bunch of new apps. The one you want to download first is Zeemote Control Panel. Once you're done with this you will be all set on downloading DrNokSnes and the rest of the emulators.


Go back to your App.Manager where Application Manager is and disable BOTH : Maemo Extra-Devel AND Maemo Nintendo Emulators by doing so you go inside each one of them and put a check mark on DISABLE and you're good!
(Leaving these reps open will automatically show updates that are not finished. These updates can be harmful to your device if installed. Unfinished apps can also may be risky for your device. This is why is important to keep them disable!)
LOL thanks Laughing Man i forgot about this part haha!

Don't be rude and thank B-Man for helping us with the emulators! Enjoy and HAVE FUN!

P.S Don't ask where to get ROMS because no one will tell you. You will need Google if you want to know!

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