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You can cut the webserver part out as I said on irc earlier today.

Progress report on my efforts: Am now receiving MMS (as long as the WAP Push is over SMS, haven't tried IP as it seems I'm only getting SMS Push) - gets the MMS from the mmsc as long as there is no other connection open. Otherwise the SMS Push is saved so you can get the MMS whenever (as long as it's still on the server I guess).

No integration with conversations or whatever, basically just a proof-of-concept sort-of hack. Have to clean up the code and make sure the python mms lib I use got a decent license before posting

Problem with fMMS? Run in x-terminal: cp /tmp/fmms.log /home/user/MyDocs/
After that you'll see fmms.log in filemanager or when you connect the device to your desktop as a mass storage device.
E-mail the log to me, if you don't have the email address, drop me a PM. Thanks!

fMMS - MMS for your N900
fAPN - GUI for adding a new GPRS APN
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