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right i released a new package of it earlier today after some feedback from tomaszf (thanks!)

short guide:

setup a APN for fetching MMS - see your carriers homepage for details - I assume you know how to set it up in internet connections

launch fMMS and hit the app menu and bring up "Configuration"

in APN you enter the name of the connection you want to use, in my case Tele2 MMS. note: enter it exactly like it is in internet connections

in the mmsc field enter the url to your providers MMSC (get from carriers homepage), including http://. in my case:

rest of instructions are on the link below

if you try it, please drop me a PM or email saying if it worked/if it didnt

Problem with fMMS? Run in x-terminal: cp /tmp/fmms.log /home/user/MyDocs/
After that you'll see fmms.log in filemanager or when you connect the device to your desktop as a mass storage device.
E-mail the log to me, if you don't have the email address, drop me a PM. Thanks!

fMMS - MMS for your N900
fAPN - GUI for adding a new GPRS APN
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