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It checks against the list of installed APNs in the phone (listed under Internet Connections in the Settings menu) - that is, you have to have one configured that it's suppose to use, it does not currently create a new one for you.

Ie. what you should do is put in the name of an existing APN in your phone

I'm working on a GUI to add a new GPRS APN so it can be configured in Internet Connections settings as you can't add a new GPRS access point through the UI at this time

Problem with fMMS? Run in x-terminal: cp /tmp/fmms.log /home/user/MyDocs/
After that you'll see fmms.log in filemanager or when you connect the device to your desktop as a mass storage device.
E-mail the log to me, if you don't have the email address, drop me a PM. Thanks!

fMMS - MMS for your N900
fAPN - GUI for adding a new GPRS APN
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