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I don't think any of us have the time to set-up a wiki page. (We're currently working on a graphical level editor) I can give you a summary of all the info in this thread.

The first level of the game was decompiled by forcer and is located here;

after that he started working on a dumper to dump the level structures which he released here;

It's a copy of Lua for Windows compiled how it needs to be to read the level files properly, all you do to decompile a level is follow the instructions in his zip at that post. You basically just run his decompiler with Lua from the commandline, specifying the compiled levels you'd like to decompile.

You do not need to recompile the levels to use them in Angrybirds, so you only need to do the decompile step once.

To use cgar's level you would do something like this in the terminal;

sudo gainroot
mv /home/opt/rovio/angrybirds/levels/pack1/Level1.lua /home/opt/rovio/angrybirds/levels/pack1/Level1.lua.bak

(We will assume you copied the level to your N900 via USB and it's just in /home/user/MyDocs)

cp /home/user/MyDocs/AB_up_and_over.txt /home/opt/rovio/angrybirds/levels/pack1/Level1.lua

Then you just bootup your copy and go to theme1, level1

If you'd like to restore your level 1 to the original level 1 that comes with the game simply execute

mv /home/opt/rovio/angrybirds/levels/pack1/Level1.lua.bak /home/opt/rovio/angrybirds/levels/pack1/Level1.lua

That should cover how to decompile and use the levels. Editing them is a little harder, cgarvie has been working that out, forcer is responsible for all the decompiling we've done so far.

We're currently hanging out on freenode in #angrybirds-leveleditor and ##angrybirds-leveleditor if you'd like to come by and help or ask questions about level editing. We might not answer immediately as we're going to be busy with the editor, but I'm sure we'll get to your questions eventually.

Now if you'd like to help, there are a couple specific things we could use.
-If anyone is slick enough to get luadec5.1 compiled with our modified copy of lua (float as default number instead of double, we can explain that) we would be very gracious. We're looking for cleaner ways to load the custom levels and to do that we'll need to have a source decompiled copy of gamelogic.lua

Also, if you're a perl programmer you could potentially help in crafting the level editor. If you've got the mojo to make perl-sdl work in Windows it would make the level editor more cross platform, at this point we're not 100% sure it'll run great on the n900 but we're certainly going to try to make it so.

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