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Mmh... I'm not sure I get the point. But a two point consecutive press could also be a good workaround for calendar and alarm. Could you give me more details what are you meaning with secondary event?
The call / alarm event should trigger both the main gui (i.e. the calling interface) and a parallel / consecutive secondary event.
This secondary event is just a superposing of a mask (a simple picture) that contains either a slider or two distinct buttons, say 1 and 2; in order to get an action, first you will have to move the slider on the mask or to push the buttons in order: first 1 then 2. This action would be required only to clear off the mask, not to answer the call / stop the alarm. After clearing off the screen, you can answer the call / stop the alarm.

The issue I see here is making the mask available for both portrait and landscape, then to make the mask semi transparent in order for the event behind it (be it an incoming call or an alarm) to still be visible.

I think a simple draw would be more useful than my complicated description...

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