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For Fremantle users, there is now a 3.1-1fremantle2 release available on Garage and in Fremantle extras-devel.

The only change in this release is a partial fix for launching MicroB on Fremantle. MicroB should start when the Web menu entry is used, and when it's configured as the default browser (emphasis on should -- I've been able to test in a properly configured SDK, but I don't have a device), but there are a couple of caveats:
  • Opening the Web menu entry (or any other way of opening MicroB without passing it a URL) causes a blank browser window to come up instead of the bookmarks window.
  • Browser Switchboard will kill MicroB after the last browser window closes, even if a bookmarks window is still open.
If you're interested in how this works and why the strange behavior comes up, see the commit message and patch in Git.

A better, more complete solution for launching and closing MicroB may or may not be possible; I'll look into this sometime later. If you have a better solution, please do let me know!

Also, I'd like answers to a few questions from those of you running Fremantle:
  • With Browser Switchboard 3.1-1fremantle2 installed on your device, are there any processes named "browser" running immediately after you restart? (Run "pidof browser" at the shell; if you get a list of numbers, there are browser processes running.) If so, how many?
  • Once you start MicroB, how many processes named "browser" are running?
  • After you close MicroB, are there any "browser" processes running, and if so, how many?

Diablo users: you're not missing out on anything -- all the changes in this release are Fremantle-specific.

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