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MaePad 1.1 "The Large Hadron Collision" is on its way to Extras-Devel. Here's a quick run-down of the changes since 1.0:
  • New shape tool icons by Claes Norin
  • Menu items in memo view renamed
  • Square and fill options for Sketch nodes in AppMenu
  • Natalie Portman mode (for qole)
  • Fix "no node content when new database is created" (bug 5113)
  • Remove eraser-specific brush size (bug 5118)
  • Don't open first node when opening a database
  • Select correct items for longpress in main view
  • Direct editing of checklist (touch to toggle check, longpress to edit text)
  • Updated German translation (after exactly 2 years and 4 days

I consider this release ready for end users, and will be promoting MaePad 1.1 to Extras-Testing. Thanks for all the feedback, bug reports and feature requests so far. Please note that I'm not going to implement features where other, better solutions already exists (that's mostly for features that Xournal has and for the Wiki-like features that Conboy has).

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