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is there any way you can put these instruction in a dummy format. for some reason the default code does not work on my n900. i sent it to nokia =( they reflashed it but the code still does not work please help out a fellow noob n900 owner thank you
I had this problem as well, that the N900 default code did not work.
Guess its due to the fact I bought it second hand.

Anyway, this is what I did and you should do in five steps!

1: First of all, we need to get into the device. Lets ssh into it!
Install the ssh's client and server. Now ssh into it with a ssh client for your OS. The user to use is: root

2: Now you should be inside your N900 device, once there we want to get the so called DES hash of the password.

echo root:$(grep -A 13 lock_code /dev/mtd1|tail -1):
Now you get a output something like this:

3: Copy the output and put it in a file on your computer, named: old_maemo_lock_code

4: Make a search for John the ripper and install it.

5: Open up a terminal and write:
john -format:DES -i:digits /path/to/old_maemo_lock_code
There, now just wait 5-10 minutes
Thanks to however wrote the post with grep part above!

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