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solution #3: Flattr just became one step closer to being a realistic option: since a few days back, beta testing of Flattr has commenced, and there is now a video explaining what it's all about.

in short: with Flattr, you sign up to pay a monthly fee by your own choosing. then - where they are available - you can click a Flattr button (like a digg button) to indicate that the recipent should get a slice of your monthly fee. by the end of the month, your monthly fee is divided among those that you have chosen.

with a flat rate fee, you can flatter people
the maemo use case could be to implement a Flattr button on the download page of a particular application. and when applications are announced in tmo threads, you could also link to a Flattr button.

to take it even one step further, imagine each post having a Flattr button as well (complementing the 'thanks' button).

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