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I was expecting something like today's Moblin+Maemo announcement but I had not really prepared myself for what that might mean to me personally. After all, my council term is coming due and I'd plan to run again to provide transition and bring some of my Maemo-oriented projects to conclusion.

Now, of course, the bulk of that work is pointless.

The good news is that MeeGo offers us an opportunity to leave some baggage behind and build something new with lessons learned. The bad news (besides the silly name IMO) is uncertainty. From a purely personal standpoint, that is: do I have any relevance in the MeeGo world?

I came into this community as a Nokia employee frustrated at the huge gap between the company and all of you. My number one goal was to build bridges. I didn't always succeed as i would have liked to and occasionally even worked against myself but I'd like to think my efforts provided some overall benefit.

With regards to MeeGo... do any of us carry over our legacies of leadership? In some cases it may be good to start from scratch, but it helps leaders and facilitators to have a clear path and decent support. That of course translates to community projects as well. What becomes of projects like Mer, for instance?

I am faced with far too many questions yet unanswered to know what *I* am to make of this. I'm sure the merger will benefit Nokia and Intel-- I just don't know what it will mean to many of the people.

Hopefully my post wedding jitters are for nothing...
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