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So what’s with Maemo6? Maemo6 will be MeeGo compatible.....consider Maemo6 already a MeeGo instance.

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I saw that on a tweet, this is why I even asked this question.

Because what I understand from Maemo 6 will be a MeeGo instance is that Maemo 6 will still exist as a branch of MeeGo or as a customized MeeGo.

Nokia has thousands of lines of code that are not opened in Maemo, will be these opened and give to MeeGo or they will be kept as a branch of MeeGo.

In other words: Is Nokia keeping some of the investment of its development to keep an advantage over other Linux OSes which are closed, not open source (SAMSUNG's Bada, Palm's WebOS, Apple's iPhone OSX) or other Linux OSes partially opened (Google's Android, LiMo) or other closed OSes (RIM),
or is it giving to Intel and others even the code that was closed in Maemo?