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Since I've been working on MaePad during the last few weeks, I noticed that some cool changes (searching) in Maemopad+ from 2008 have never been officially released and packaged, so I set out and spent some time on Maemopad+ today.

The result is a new release: Maemopad+ 0.36 is currently in the autobuilder and should be available in Diablo Extras-Devel soon. The Maemopad+ homepage has more information about the current status of the project and supported OS releases.

As part of this update, I've also taken the time to convert the SVN repository to a Git repository to allow easier maintenance and not depend on a centralized repository. You can browse the Git repository online.

This is the first new Maemopad+ release since October 2008.

Patches and translation updates are still gladly accepted, and I'll try to merge them as they come in and eventually do a new release if several changes do pile up. The more likely case (I think/hope) is that some kind of Fremantle (with Hildon 2.2) will come to the N8x0 devices (Mer?), so that all users can eventually make use of MaePad on the N800 and N810.

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