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I have got some questions to complete the wiki page. Maybe you guys could point me the a post where it has already been covered or answer said questions themselves.

Question 1 : (Directed to Qgil) Is it possible for you to address anything related to the future of at the moment. (I believe it is a no ?). Example :

What happens to those who run Maemo branded forums? To those who are currently members of the Maemo council? What happens to those who work on the Maemo infrastructure and code base - there already exists a MeeGo code base and infrastructure.
From our point of view MeeGo is the new maemo and therefore will be at some point the new home of this community. We are working on it (your participation is welcome at the meego-community mailing list).

(By the way, was taken and insanely expensive. If someone buys it for the MeeGo project we will use it immediately.)

Said that, the destiny of depends on the Maemo community (yes, you). In the meantime we keep funding the hosting and nobody is thinking of unpluggin servers or taking radical measures to stop anything here.

About the council, ask the current candidates. Nokia has nothing to say about this. The community created the council and the community is the one deciding what to do now and in the MeeGo context. fwiw we supported Jaffa's idea of an elected body representing 'the community' towards Nokia and somehow we think the core concept might make sense at MeeGo as well. Said that, the MeeGo project is fundamentally different since it is aimed to be an open project participated by individuals and organizations. The purpose of a Council for MeeGo needs to re-evaluated.

We keep funding the pro development team, reviewing contracts every 6 months as we have been doing since we started 'liberating' these *master roles. Note that the development team decide their priorities and tasks through a public process, so it is also up to them process to decide where to invest their time. Now they are finding their counterparts in the Moblin project and the Linux Foundation, and we all will need to find the place for all of us (Nokians included e.g. Tero and myself). Giving roles implies giving admin rights on tools and servers, all this is based on trust and this takes a bit of time, as sysadmins know.

Question 2 : Something that is recurring in the forum is : "Maemo/N900 is only 3 months old and already Nokia is announcing a new OS". Perhaps it would be good to give people some perspective on software development. I was thinking maybe to include in the wiki the development time frame of Maemo 5.

Let's say for, example sake, that Nokia announced Fremantle and then X months later they shown the first development board (Beagle Board ?) and finally Y months later customers could purchase the N900. I think it would give an idea to people where "approximately" we are in the development of Harmattan/N9XX.
Welcome to open source and open development. Actually the Maemo team and now MeeGo are just putting some toes of one foot in the open pool, so get used to this. Public roadmaps will tell you about features you currently don't have in your device, there will be always something apparently cooler making you think if you are buying your product in the right time.

"Harmattan" with Qt officially supported were announced in June 2008. Harmattan based on Qt and the cross-platform strategy with Symbian were announced in July 2009. In the Maemo Summit (still before sales start) we gave more details about Harmattan, Qt, the changes and the transition path. This forum, Planet Maemo and the tech media have been reporting about this horizon of changes that was coming.

MeeGo is a culmination of that, but in terms of technical changes affecting N900 users or Maemo 5 application developers it doesn't bring much that wasn't already in the pipeline (Qt and Web Runtime API, with its consequences).

But really, all this is good news. Like any structural change it gives some short term noise, insecurity and hassle but I'm sure it will pay off. Maemo 5 is great and the Fremantle team keeps working in updates. But if Maemo 5 and its linear evolution would be the only plan of Nokia, then I believe that N900 would have reasons to worry about the future.

By the way, the basics of the Fremantle game (except Telephony) were mostly announced in the Maemo Summit 2008 and the first release (totally targeted to hardcore developers) went out in December 2008 (with the announcement of lack of support for OMAP2 devices = N810 and N800). That also created a hassle in the community, but if we wouldn't have made those steps at that time then you wouldn't have got the Maemo 5 you are enjoying. There was plenty of signal-no-noise feedback got during the Fremantle unstable phase that helped improving the stable releases you are using. We are taking the same open approach with Harmattan and even deeper (thanks to and MeeGo). Don't feel part of a problem because already now you are part of a solution.

Question 3 : Will My Favorite Maemo 5 GTK+ Application run on MeeGo 1 ?

Partial answer is : The MeeGo architecture includes GTK+ (Maemo 5 API) for application compatibility. This is not the same as as officially supported. It needs more meat, in my opinion.
Up to the GTK+ and Hildon maintainers in the first place. They are the first ones to decide whether it's worth the effort of aligning the GTK+ approaches of Moblin and Maemo, get the Hildon libraries running on top, try or try not to work on adapted bindings to give to GTK+/Hildon apps a MeeGo native look&feel...

GTK+ and Clutter are maintained as official platform libraries in MeeGo but the API is not supported officially. This means that the APIs are there to be used but the project doesn't make any promise on maintenance, completeness, quality, API management across releases... This doesn't mean much if there is a good community maintenance. For example, Python has been never officially supported, and I bet the average user of a Python apps in Extras is not aware about the support status and probably not even aware whether the app is based on Python or not. That could be the case for GTK+/Hildon apps in MeeGo, but is really not up to the MeeGo project.

fwiw the Maemo team is in talks with the GNOME Foundation to bring more GTK+/Hildon apps to Maemo 5 and to help on the kick-off of the 'GTK+ community support'. We started the talks in the context of Harmattan and we are just continuing in the context of MeeGo. We hope to get something concrete to explain soon.

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