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Please see attached screenshots of Preferences dialogue from gPodder 2.4.

My opinions - main dialogue:
  • Should be called Settings as previously discussed
  • No Save button - clicking outside the dialogue saves, which is not Maemo 5 style
  • "Check for new episodes", all items start with a lower-case letter, e.g. "manually" instead of "Manually". I think upper-case initial letter would look better, like on the other settings ("Automatic", "Show episode list").
  • Not obvious that you need to keep gPodder running for the automatic feed updates to work.
  • I have no idea with "Enable feed update heuristics" means!
  • "Helper applications" should maybe say "Player applications", unless other types of helper apps will appear in later versions
  • At least on my device, I am allowed to pick between Media Player and MPlayer for video files, but I don't have mplayer installed. I don't know if similar is true for audio files if Panucci isn't installed. I don't think it should show apps that aren't installed, or should at least grey them out so the user cannot pick them. Or, allow the user to pick a non-installed app, and get an explanation of what the app is and instructions on how to install it. settings dialogue:
  • No Save button again
  • In general, this dialogue isn't clear to a new user. What is Maybe this should be a wizard with some introductory text. It would be good if we could create accounts directly from the UI rather than having to go to a website
  • "Select device" button brings up yellow box error "Error getting list, NotFound"
  • Device type defaults to Desktop, should be Mobile phone
  • Device type should be the proper type of Maemo 5 selector, not a dropdown list
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