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Passed through Mongkok today where Wilson and Citicall were both promoting the N900. The large scale N900 displays plugged into the video out of phone were cool. The guys in Nokia/Maemo shirts were running around with working units to play with and there were some promo models. Was in a hurry and the model photo guys were getting annoying so only had a chance for 2 quick questions.

Asked if the US model could be flashed with HK release and was told it could not. Really want that hand writing recognition ! I can only use Jyutping and the other input methods are painful with my limited chinese. Sure someone will figure out getting it on other models.

Asked if Maps was fixed for China and sadly the answer was no
Was told they are aware of problem and "maybe will be fixed later". So looks like Maps is still useless for China. Will have to go back and try it for my self.

Hoping for a world wide update for PR1.2 !


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